Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps Without Watermark

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Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps

This is the period of short-time videos. short videos are getting trending more and more. everyone wants to create stunning good videos.

For That, you don’t need a full flashed adobe premiere pro or after effects or any other software. this big heavy software is not required To make good short videos. even you can make short videos on your mobile. For that, we are here to advise some Free Video editing apps that don’t have a watermark.

There are too many video editing apps from which you can make short videos, but they have a watermark. watermark destroys all fun, and we also don’t like watermarks at all. To remove that watermark, you have to purchase their premium plans, and everyone cant afford them, such as students, children, or those who don’t want to spend money on such apps.

That’s why we have chosen the top 7 best video editing apps which don’t have any watermark.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps That Does Not Have Any Watermark

1-VN Video Editor

It is a lightweight app otherwise, video editing apps are very heavy and big in size, such as 500 MB, 1 GB.

It looks like a full flashed pro video editing app such as adobe premiere pro.

The Best Feature of This app is that It supports multilayer video editing that means You can create multiple layers to edit which is a very useful feature.

It’s also has a music editor, audio recorder and you can export video in full HD.

VN Video Editor

vn video editor


  • Lightweight app
  • Multi-layer editing support
  • Music editor, audio recorder, etc.


If you don’t want a complex app it could be a perfect choice for you.

In this app, you can export video in full HD absolutely no problem.

along with this app if you want to add different transitions and filter at some scenes. NOTE-that is these are all apps some features are free and some are paid, overall the app is free but some filters and features are not free.

one more thing about VITA is that it has pre-made good fonts and you can add them easily.


VIta video editing app


  • Simple Design
  • Export video in Full Hd
  • So many transitions and filters
  • Premade creative and animated fonts

3-Montage Pro

We have taken this app to our list because of its size. Its have so many features compared to its size.

It has pro tools, filters, different video effects and also you can export, It is in 1080p and It also made by an Indian developer.


montage pro


  • Super Lightweight video editing app
  • Pro Tools and Effects
  • Made By an Indian Developer

4-Video Maker For Youtube

This is a perfect app if you want a video longer than a minute and It’s specifically for YouTube.

It’s all in one app. Its has more than 30 transitions and effect.

It supports all video ratios such as 18:9, 16:9, etc.

Video Maker For Youtube


  • Comfortable for Videos longer than a minute
  • Specifically for Youtube
  • support all video ratios
  • More than 30 transitions and effects

5-VLLO Video Editor

It’s a Korean app but one thing standout that you can export videos in 4k but first you have to watch an ad.

It’s also easy to use. You can split, reverse, etc. If you need a pro option this will be the best choice.

VLLO Video Editor



  • Can export in 4k
  • Pro features such as Splits, Reverse, Resize
  • Many more

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