Rebranding is Good or Bad?

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Rebranding, renaming,re-badging of whatever you call it, especially in India, has gone to ridiculous lengths. It has no boundaries stuff that is happening today in the Indian smartphone market .it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to talk about it. This is Sarthak. You are reading YourTech-Advisor Post, and today I will share my thoughts about what I think about this renaming, rebadging phenomenon, especially in India.

Let me be apparent. This is India-specific. Renaming, re-badging is not a bad thing. Yeah, especially in Europe or U.S countries, in western countries where you don’t have too many launches, you probably have a couple of smartphone launches every month. But In India, You probably have a couple of smartphone launches every couple of days. Yes, in a week, we at least see four or five launches of smartphones in India. we literally, in some weeks every day, bring you an article on new launches, and when those kinds of launches happen numbers it’s ridiculous to bring the same and same phone again under a different name

Why so much sub Brands?

First, They create sub Brands. I will give some examples yeah Xiaomi, MI, Redmi, and then Poco. Yes, even though Poco is an independent brand, after all, if you want to service your Poco phone, you need to go to a Xiaomi service center.

Another example is Realme; yeah, you have Realme again, that’s a different case altogether, you have oppo, then you have Realm,e over that, you have BBK electronics. You have sister concern companies Oneplus, Vivo, all that stuff. Then you have a Dizo, a new brand probably six months down the line we have a couple of sub-sub-sub-brands now what is happening is when you do sub-branding it is for a specific niche, purpose, for example, I have to talk about sub-brands first, and then I will speak about rebranding.

Why it’s not that great, especially in India, some brands are created to focus on a niche market for a specific need.

For example, if a particular brand is launching 80-90 thousand rupees mobile, if they are also launching an 8-9 thousand mobile, .you know they cant position themselves . so sub-branding is for positioning a particular brand.

But in India, I don’t understand why they create sub-brands, and then then they do a renaming.

In Case of Poco F3 GT

A fine example would be the Poco F3 GT, which will launch; we don’t know these are all the speculations and rumors that Poco F3 GT is exactly a Redmi K40 gaming.

Now, Poco as a sub Brand is focused on Younger generations. Yeah, if you see their branding, it’s like that.

Redmi again is the aggressive pricing; Poco also has exact aggressive pricing. In contrast, the MI brand which is there is Flagship, you know they bring out expensive phones, so why Redmi and Poco differentiation. So there is a Redmi K40 Gaming, and then There is a Poco F3 GT.

One More Example

Another example would be Redmi 9 Power and Poco M3 both are the same; they have just added a 2-megapixel camera sensor which does not make any sense, but they are the same phones but came in different branding.

Why India Specific Problem?

Both different Brands are under the same roof. Why is this an India-specific problem? Like I said earlier, In western countries, you don’t have too many launches. Brands bring these re-badged phones, renamed phones, rebranded phones its, okay you know, then get more choices in India, but there are no choices. It’s only confusion. yeah, it increases confusion; I would have understood it the prices were different, but even prices are the same.

I mean the same prices, same phones but under the different brands launched nearly you know 10-15 days apart.

How does that make sense other than creating confusion amongst consumers who don’t understand this and I said, you know these brands go to some unimaginable lengths

One More Prediction

For example, I will give you an example once again of Poco F3 GT, let’s say, and it’s very much possible. It’s not hypothetical. It might be possible that right now, Redmi K40 launched in china, came to India as Poco F3 GT but again, the same Redmi k40 Gaming probably launch after 15-20 days a month down the line under the MI branding as MI 11X Gaming or whatever you call it under a different name, yes those are things that are happening in India, seriously.


So when a particular brand created a sub-brand for positioning, I told you earlier that positioning is lost. No one understood what a Redmi, Poco, or Xioami, or MI represents.

I don’t understand that so, things are getting muddled. Consumers are getting confused. I am not against Poco, Redmi, Xioami, or MI.

I want to see How Poco F3 Gt is different and especially what the pricing will be, so let me reiterate there is nothing about a particular brand. I talked about this rebranding thing going a bit far, and that’s not good for consumers. That’s was the point I want to talk about.

I want your thoughts on this topic.

Do you welcome this kind of rebranding? Yeah, one phone comes as a different phone? It’s okay, but a phone, multiple times with other brands and names, doesn’t make any sense.

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